"Embrace the Divinity"

Shri Siddeshwar Brahmrishi Gurudev ji preaches that “Spirituality is the main source to attain real peace & happiness in life” thus inspire us to seek the path of spirituality. He learned “Dhyaan Yoga” & Divine Siddhis from Yogiraj Devaraha Baba & activated his Divine Chakras or Kundalini. His divine preachings have touched a million lives through The World Spiritual Awareness Forum.

Shri Siddeshwar Brahmrishi Gurudev

A saint who knows the Brahma - The Absolute Reality!

A son of God, a selfless protector, a person of the greatest ability, propagator of the highest human values, His Holiness is a divine flame who has dedicated his entire life to the cause and welfare of mankind. He teaches in a language understood by even a layman. He considers service to humanity as the greatest religion. At the same time, He exhorts people to propagate the teachings of Lord Mahavira across the world. His ideal is Shri Siddeshwar Brahmrishi Gurudev Vivekananda, whose philosophies and ideologies influenced him greatly.

He sought to learn from MahaTapasvi Siddhiraj Pragyachakshuji the art of “DhyaanYog” and other divine Siddhis in the terrains of the Himalayas. He has activated all his 7 chakras or Kundalinis thereby gaining immense spiritual powers. By His efforts through philosophical and spiritual research, He gained absolute knowledge and perfection over the great traditional Mantras and 1703 Tantrik Siddhis advocated by the Great Rishis of this universe.

He has the honour for having participated in the All Religion World Conference on seven occasions and being awarded the Gold medal each time along with the recognition of “Highest personality”. In 1974, He was also honored by the title of “Astrology Expert” by the Astrological Society of Germany.


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“Brahm-Sutra” is the connecting thread which connects us to the Divine Power.

He says: “Spiritualism is the main source to attain real peace and happiness in life. And our Religion is to serve and love the mankind in true sense. So, service of humanity is the service of the Almighty. This is called “Religion”. Therefore, abandon all ways and adopt this path of “Religion”. So ,consider “Religion” as one for all. Religion is a way of life”. He strongly advocates that “Religion” does not bind us, but rather gets ourselves free from all bondages of Deeds i.e. “Karma”.

Shri Siddeshwar Brahmrishi Gurudev says that Yuvas are the future of the Humanity

In Shri Brahmrishi Ashram, one can find Yuvas of all ages and from all walks of life actively involved in all activities – from organising events to being volunteers in them.

Yuva Centres have been formed in all major towns and cities and through these centres the YuvaTeam conducts its activities at a local level under the guidance of the Central Yuva Committee. Each month, at least one social activity is conducted by the Yuvas which include Annadaan, Blankets and clothes distribution, Hospital seva activities, blood donation camps, Eye Checkup camps, activities in orphanages and old age homes etc.

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May the divine grace of Goddess be with you, Goddess Saraswati is the Light of hope and Peace,May Goddess Saraswati Bless you with Knowledge and Wisdom.

You have power in your prayer (Devotion).In your inner strength you have the world inside it.The kingdom of heaven is within you.The God is Lord Shiva.

Your Life is a seed, Your character is the roots, The leaves are the material objects & The fruits are the gift from the God.Use them well, to cross the Cycle of life.

If your life is giving you 10 reasons to cry, Show your life you have 1000 reasons to smile.


Shri Siddeshwar Brahmrishi Gurudev – Shri Brahmrishi Ashram

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